The interviewer asked Graham what message he is imparting to victims of sexual abuse through these comments.

Evangelist and seemingly humanitarian Franklin Graham holds the opinion that allegations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald J. Trump's nominee to the United States Supreme Court, are not relevant . These comments were made during an interview with CBN News. Further questions brought forward the answer that Judge Kavanaugh, who Graham says holds an impeccable professional record, is not to be prosecuted for what he did nearly 40 years back. The evangelist further said it is important to analyze a person's complete life and look at what they did after they reached adulthood. The case against Kavanaugh is, as per Graham, merely a weak attempt to deny his candidacy. He said the Senate should nominate him.

The interviewer asked Graham what message he is imparting to victims of sexual abuse through these comments. The evangelist gave the explanation that no crime was committed by Kavanaugh. The incident happened when the nominee was a teenager. The alleged victim was also a teenager, and as per Graham, when she asked Kavanaugh to stop, he walked away as he respected her.

Such a narrative of events does not gel with what the victim alleged actually happened. Christine Blasey Ford, in her testimony, said that the horrific incident happened when they were both teenagers. It was the early 1980s and they both studied at a Maryland high school. Kavanaugh and his friend pinned her to a bed and groped her while she was wearing clothes. He rubbed her body with his full weight on her and tried to pull off the one-piece bathing suit she had on her at that time. Ford said she wore her clothes over her bathing suit. Kavanaugh placed his hand over Ford's mouth when she attempted to scream. Ford is now a university professor in California. As per records held by the General Alumni Association, she graduated in 1988 from UNC Chapel Hill.

Evangelist Graham blamed Dianne Feinstein, the U.S. Senator elected from California and other Democratic Party liberal progressives for pushing the allegation on to the public eye. In his social media post, he claimed Judge Kavanaugh enjoys an excellent reputation of character, judicial excellence, and integrity. The Supreme Court nominee has made it clear he did not do what was alleged in high school.


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