Calls Out Use Of Hell

The evangelist Rev. Franklin Graham had a message for Rosie O’Donnell after she tweeted a message to House Speaker Paul Ryan telling him to go “straight to hell.” Graham sent this message out on Thursday morning following the Christmas day tweet that O’Donnell had sent to Paul Ryan.

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Speaker Ryan had posted a Christmas video message on Saturday, which was the reason for Rosie O’Donnell’s attack on him on Twitter.

Apparently, Rosie O’Donnell was annoyed over the GOP tax reform law that was passed, and the House Speaker’s Christmas message touched off a rant.

Franklin Graham took to Facebook, responding to O’Donnell with the Gospel. He wrote, “Rosie, you don’t have the keys to hell, but I know the One who does.” He told the actress to put her faith and trust in Jesus. He said that hell would be filled with those who rejected God’s salvation and disregarded His laws and standards and refused to repent. He wrote about Christ’s dying for him and others to live.

Before this attack on Ryan, O’Donnell had also attacked Ben Shapiro, a conservative commentator, with an angry tweet about the GOP tax plan. Shapiro reported the confrontation to Twitter who initially refused to take down her post but later took it down.

Graham told Fox News while in an interview that he wanted Rosie to know that only Jesus had the keys to hell. He also added that the Bible says everyone is a sinner and the price for sin in death; also that God will forgive and cleanse. He went on to talk about the New Year – that he has no faith in the political system, and that God is the only hope for the country. He encouraged people to pray for the president and all authority as they enter a New Year.


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