France Bans Muslim Burkini

by Michael Coghlan is licensed under  CC BY 2.0
Michael Coghlan is licensed under CC BY 2.0
France issues ban on Muslim swimwear, or the “Burkini” in the midst of Islamist violence.

There was sudden pandemonium on the authorities of Cannes after they banned Muslim women from going to beaches dressed in an Islamic version of the bikini, known as the Burkini. Authorities condemn the Burkini as a display of Islamic extremism on the beaches of France- which being public areas, should be places of neutrality where no show of religion should be allowed.

France Bans Muslim Burkini.[/tweetthis]

France has been on a high-alert in the face of all the attacks that have occurred recently. As most of these are directly or indirectly linked to radical Islam, the Muslims of the country are now victims of strict laws and attacks directed specifically at them. While the face-covering veil had been banned earlier, this new law that bans the Burkini is seen to be a step gone too far against the Muslims. Human rights activists and Muslims across the world have come forward to condemn this inhumane law by the city of Cannes.

The mayor, David Lisnard says that the ban has been put in place because the Burkini displays an affiliation to an ideology that has attacked France and its religious sites. He further adds that donning such outfits in such sensitive times can cause unrest and public disorder. Adding on to the mayor’s words, Thierry Migoul, the head of municipal services for Cannes insists that the ban on the Burkini is not because it is a religious garment, but because it is an “ostentatious” outfit that suggests an affiliation with a terrorist organization that has waged a war on France.

The Muslim Federation for the South came down heavily on this ban. Spokesperson Feiza Ben Mohamed believes that this law will actually work in the favor of ISIL ideology. She slammed the decision of the Cannes authority by saying that this is a sad move to mix terrorist with the wider Muslim community. The ISIL are actively engaged in brainwashing the youth into believing that they are discriminated against and are being ostracized. Mohamed believes that this law only helps to prove their point. She also expresses regret that this law will penalize normal Muslim women who do not even have a hardline Islamic ideology. As such, their children will be forced into believing what the ISIL is trying to brainwash them with.

As of now, as long as this new law is in place, anyone who is caught wearing a Burkini will be either asked to change or leave the beach immediately. Lawbreakers can also be fined up to 38 euros ($42.50 U.S.).


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