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Football Feud | Survey Says: Religious Beliefs Are in Football Fans’ Playbooks


A large number of Americans are not considering whether the devil or God are pulling the strings on the win in the upcoming National Football League (NFL) playoffs this weekend. At the same time, some fans will still pray before a game. Others will consistently perform some “game-day rituals” as a means to ensure their favorite team wins.

A survey published January 16, by PRRI (Public Religion Research Institute), looks at the crossover between team spirituality and spirit. A large number of Americans, at least 60%, call themselves fans of a certain team. Among them, a number will say a little prayer or do a little dance as a way of helping their team along. Others do the following:

Although the majority of fans agreed that God did not play any role in who wins, Americans cannot seem to agree on whether or not God rewards athletes who are strong believers with good success and health. The numbers are 47% saying no and 48% saying yes.

Football is the most favorite sport in America with 72% of the population saying they are likely to watch the Super Bowl. 39% of Americans are fans of football. This is four times more than the fanbase for other sports such as 7% for soccer, 9% baseball and 10% basketball.

PRRI surveyed more than 1,000 people in English and Spanish. This was done between January 8th and 12th. The survey has been said to have an error margin of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.


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