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Florida Bill Requires High Schools to Offer Bible and Religion Courses

Bill Proposed to Require Florida High Schools to include Bible and Religion Elective Courses
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If passed, the bill will take effect on July 1, 2019.

Kimberly Daniels, the elected Democratic Representative from Jacksonville, has sponsored bill HB195 to require Florida high schools to teach religion and Bible subjects. These will include Bible, religion, and Hebrew scripture courses offered to students as electives. If HB195 gets passed, the law will take effect from July 1 onwards.

Bill Proposed to Require Florida High Schools to include Bible and Religion Elective Courses[/tweetthis]

As per Daniels’ bill, school districts must provide the elective, but only students interested in the course would take them. For secularists, Daniels' push for religion into schools is not surprising. She is known for her off-putting remarks such as when she thanked God for slavery. She created a controversy when she said that if there were no slavery, she would probably be in Africa “worshiping a tree.” She’s also on record saying “You can talk about the Holocaust, but the Jews own everything.”

The bill proposed by Daniels says courses must compulsorily follow federal and state guidelines. It also must not favor, show hostility toward, or endorse a specific religion. The study areas will include but not be restricted to Hebrew scriptures. Students must also read the Bible’s Old Testament and the New Testament. HB195 asks for all classes to be included in the Course Code Directory of the Florida Education Department. The bill asks for a little time to be set aside for meditation.

As expected, the proposal received mixed reactions from members of the community. One parent, whose daughter studies in high school, said it is good for children to enjoy different choices and learn things they are interested in. Not every parent, however, is in support of such a bill. An opposing parent has pointed out that religion has changed over time and every person is unique when it comes to viewing religion. It would be better, the parent said, if the children can engage in a little get-together after school or even form a club.

Daniels is the author of Clean House, Strong House: A Practical Guide to Understanding Spiritual Warfare, Demonic Strongholds and Deliverance and The Demon Dictionary Volume One: Know Your Enemy. Learn His Strategies. Defeat Him!


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