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Fifth Hate Crime in Palestine in a Month

Fifth Hate Crime in Palestine in a Month

Vehicles vandalized in Palestinian village

An investigation into a hate crime which targeted a Palestinian village in the central West Bank was opened by the police on Monday.[/tweetit] The tires of 12 cars were found slashed with Hebrew hate slogans painted on walls. The hate slogans read “Terrorists live here that throw stones” and “They are given work and then they rape girls.” The suspected include ultra-nationalist Israelis. The Israeli police and Palestinians said that this is the fifth hate crime in over a month. The graffiti referencing a rape, is a case of a seven-year-old-girl.

Fifth Hate Crime in Palestine in a Month[/tweetthis]

While a Palestinian was indicted, the prosecution is thinking about dropping the charges because of a lack of evidence.

More graffiti was seen calling the area “a village of terrorists.” Furthermore, some graffiti even said,”here lives a village of terrorists who throw stones.”

The hate crime occurred in Sinjil which can be found at the northeast of Ramallah city. Micky Rosenfeld, Israel’s police spokesman, released a statement launched an investigation after receiving the damage report.

Despite hate crimes in the past month targeting Palestinians and their property, arrests have been quite rare. Rights groups have said that the convictions are even more unusual with many of the charges in these cases being dropped.

The attacks are known as price tag attacks. They usually consist of crimes of arson and graffiti. However, some attacks have escalated to physical assaults and murder.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs released a report in December. The report reveals that there has been a 69 percent rise in attacks on Palestinians from 2017.

To illustrate the above statement, the previous Tuesday saw 23 cars vandalized in the town of Deir Istiya. To make matters worse, hate graffiti was spray painted on a mosque in the village of Malik a day earlier.

There have been thousands of price tag attacks carried out by far-right Israelis against Palestinians, their property and so on. Attacks have been carried out against synagogues, cemeteries, and mosques over the last couple of years.


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