Samantha Bee: “when I hear Donald Trump talk about Jesus I feel like there's so much vomit inside me that it could blow my eyeballs out of my head” Via video screenshot

Samantha Bee: “When I hear Donald Trump talk about Jesus I feel like there’s so much vomit inside me that it could blow my eyeballs out of my head.” Via video screenshot

Pastor Bernard said the US President can never ascend to heaven

Samantha Bee, in her signature program Full Frontal with Samantha Bee literally went to church to understand why President Donald J. Trump continues to find support among many evangelicals. She interviewed Pastor A.R. Bernard, the noted preacher of a megachurch in New York City. The preacher was also a former member of the Evangelical Advisory Council set up by the president. Bernard reportedly quit the board after Trump's weak response towards neo-Nazis and white supremacists who engaged in violence in the Virginia town of Charlottesville.

Bernard, during the interview, confessed that he realized Trump cannot be God's chosen one during the second meeting itself. The pastor found out that he would not be able to influence government policies by being a member of the evangelical advisory team group. Bernard joined the team as he thought he could be able to influence the initiatives, ideas, and policy as a voice of the minorities. He found Trump and talked to the president for about 20 minutes on the subject of inner city problems. The pastor found the president to be completely disinterested in the conversation. The latter was much more animated on the subject of him holding the highest office of the land.

When prompted by Bee, Pastor Bernard said that he requested his peers in the evangelical community to make sure that the president be accountable. He had asked his evangelical colleagues to stick their neck out and put their White House access at risk. According to the pastor, his co-religionists must have the courage to walk away. They must not be afraid to display their own set of convictions and have tasks other than pleasing the president on his whims. Bernard reminded fellow pastors that they have responsibility towards the U.S. as well.

Bee knows the fascination of the evangelical council with their sudden access to White House. They comprehend that the president is quickly breaking every Biblical commandment that remains to be broken. She had noted that Trump's love for the Bible is not much as he claims it to be. She said that the president is actually a “heathen” who has minimal chances of reaching heaven. The same question was asked to Pastor Bernard. When the man of God deferred the answer with a laugh, Bee pressed him, saying that they are in God's house and the pastor cannot lie. Bernard laughed and Bee said, "I'll say it — there's no way." 


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