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Elton John’s Battle Against Christianity

Elton John’s Battle Against Christianity
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Singer Has Been Outspoken Due to Personal Tragedy

Sir Elton John shocked the world with the announcement of his final tour before his retirement. The tour will span three years and involve 300 shows. But Elton John should not just be remembered for being a world-class musician but also a prominent atheist.

Elton John’s Battle Against Christianity[/tweetthis]

Sir Elton John was born in a family that was likely Anglican. But religion is not something that Sir Elton John continued in his life. As a prominent gay celebrity, he has frequently commented on religion for being anti-LGBT. Calling organized religion out for turning people into “really hateful lemmings” he seems to have no problem stating his displeasure.

This may be connected to him being rejected for adopting a Ukrainian child because he was gay. He has actively worked with Kaleidoscope, an organization that promotes homosexual tolerance in countries formerly controlled by the British Empire. Well over half of these countries have homosexuality as a crime.

Sir Elton John has also made several quixotic comments about religion. He has called Jesus “a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man.” This could just be his war of saying that Jesus would have supported gay marriage.

While Sir Elton John has been outspoken for gay rights he has faced criticism for not being consistent. He performed at Rush Limbaugh wedding, even though the conservative radio host has spoken out against the LGBT community on numerous occasions.

Sir Elton John has said that religion should be banned but never taken a concerted effort to make that a reality. He has not used the tour to speak out about religion and it seems that as he ages he has focused more on ending his career than his views on religion.


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