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Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” Rewritten as Christian Song

Beckah Shae Shape of You
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Critics have severely criticized the rephrased song

Ed Sheeran’s Grammy Award winning “Shape of You” has been remade into what many listeners would find a somewhat strange Christian worship anthem.[/tweetit] The original lyrics, which were secular and glorified sexual love, are now rewritten as a proclamation of love towards God. The person behind this transformation is Beckah Shae, a Christian singer who also writes her own songs.

‘Shape of You’ Rewritten as Christian Song Becomes Huge Hit[/tweetthis]

For those interested, Shae has her own record company, Shae Shoc Records and a website in her company's name. The company is partly owned by Jack Shocklee, her husband. To justify the remaking of a popular mass market song, she stated in her website that she came from a broken home in which she has endured multiple challenging times with her mother. This includes abusive relationships and being extremely poor. She stated that she and her mother spent time in battered women's shelters as well. Shae also suffered from substantial insecurities. There were also periods of acute eating disorders. However, she asserted, she knew that God was with her during all her troubles. Shae's passion for God is clearly heard in the remake when she refers to the almighty as “Elohim.” This is the Hebrew for God in Old Testament.

Critics have panned the song. They have described the remake as an awful one. Some are describing the song as a parody. The song name itself “Shape of Jesus” is a parody. It does not invoke piety, but amusement. A particular YouTuber has even bemoaned the twisting of an extremely catchy song and turning it into a bland devotional one with bad lyrics.

Those who hold a balanced view contends that the song is not that bad. The song is clearly sung in an earnest manner. It is thus sensible to enjoy the song for its intentions-an attempt to latch on to the prevailing popular culture. The song is also a repressive one, trying to shame any kind of notion that sex can be an enjoyable activity. For music purists, the worst thing about the remake is the grammatical faults of the lyrics. Many Christians have slammed the song.


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