Centuries Old Hollow Earth Theory is Gaining Popularity

What if Heaven and Hell exist on Earth? According to some conspiracy theorists, they do exist on earth. Or actually, inside the earth. For over 400 years there has been the belief that the Earth is hollow.

What is inside the Earth? Older versions of the belief held that lost tribes of Israel, angels, the Garden of Eden, Heaven, and Hell were some of the locations contained within the earth. More modern versions include dinosaurs, Nazis, and Vikings. And of course, a miniature sun.

The original Hollow Earth theory came from loose readings of Genesis and to explain natural phenonema that could not explained by the science of the time. The modern version lists it as a vast conspiracy of forces (remember Nazis and Vikings) working together to protect the earth.

How do they do this? By sending out UFOs secretly to prevent natural disasters and nuclear wars. One of the prominent individuals promoting this idea is Rodney Cluff. He claims that millions of people believe in this theory and the number is growing all the time. He arranged to have a 2007 trip to the Hollow Earth, but the trip was canceled due to lack of funding.

It is unclear why Nazis and Vikings would be working together. Or if the Hollow Earth also contains any famous Christian locations. What is clear is that science has conclusively proven that a Hollow Earth cannot exist. The gravity alone of having a Hollow Earth would cause all humans to float away.


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