Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz Defends Hunting and Jesus Picture after facing Online Criticism

By Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA (Carson Wentz) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Twitter picture has been causing controversy since posted

Because religion teaches peace and renouncing violence, it’s not common that people hear or see the words ‘Jesus’ and ‘hunting’ in the same sentence. This is what Philly Eagles QB Carson Wentz discovered as he defended a picture he had posted on Twitter a few days back.

The Controversial Picture

Wentz probably did not think he would deal with backlash for posting pictures of his hunting dog’s birthday on social media. He put up two pictures – one of his dog sitting just behind a line of dead geese seemingly after a hunt and another of his furry companion as a puppy. Wentz captioned the picture a “birthday wish” for his “best hunting buddy.”

While many individuals on the platform approved of his photographs, some took issue with his use of dead birds. A supporter of Wentz’s even went as far as pointing out that some people might find the photo offensive and controversial. To that, Wentz replied that his passions were Jesus and hunting.

Jesus and Hunting

Wentz also elaborated that his stance would not waver simply because others may take offense at it. “That’s what I’m passionate about, and that won’t ever change!” he wrote on his Twitter feed. He went on to point out that people will always talk about their passions.

The apparent controversy surrounding Wentz’s comment did not mark the first time the quarterback has been in the spotlight for mixing religion and violence. Earlier in 2017, Wentz suffered a backlash when people on social media took issue with him commenting on the need for Jesus when referring to the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Wentz’s comment raises pertinent questions about religion and violence. With touchy issues such as the use of Islam as a supposed justification for terrorism, it is about time that people learned to deal with their perceptions and misconceptions about the two.


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