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Drones Are Dropping Bibles in Areas Dominated By ISIS

Drones Are Dropping Bibles in Areas Dominated By ISIS

Livets Ord will air drop electric bibles to Christians in ISIS controlled Iraq

An evangelical church in Sweden thought that it would be a good idea to fight against the hatred spread by ISIS with the message of love spread by Jesus. The Livets Ord (Word of life) Church, one of Sweden's biggest evangelical churches, has decided to drop electronic bibles on ISIS-controlled areas of Iraq in an attempt to spread the message of love of the gospel.

Drones Are Dropping Bibles in Areas Dominated By ISIS[/tweetthis]

The Church, founded by Ulf and Birgitta Ekman who have now converted to Catholicism, are planning on sending flying drones over ISIS-controlled areas. The drones will drop electronic bibles that according to spokespersons for the church, will work on their own and have no need for electricity. They are small and compact, sized as big as pill boxes, with a display. The Church hopes that these electronic bibles will help troubled Christians in Iraq get hope and comfort in these turbulent times. Church members also hope that the militants who happen to read the Bibles will have a change of heart and change their ways of violence and hatred.

On their homepage, Livets Ord says that their ambition is to pass on the love and hope of the Gospel of Christ to the community living in restrictions and fear, and are being denied their basic human rights. The Church has openly declared that it will definitely be going ahead with this project and the plans have all been put in place. The Church has partnered with another organization which has agreed to carry out the job of flying the drones into Iraq. The Church, however, has refused to name this organization.

ISIS carried out a bloody and violent destruction of Christians in Iraq recently. While most of the Christians have either been wiped out or have escaped the country, some have still stayed back. These communities are living in fear as ISIS constantly torture them and limit their movements. Denied even the most basic of rights, this deliberate massacre by them has been condemned by the Muslim world as being un-Islamic.

The Church hopes to reach out to these Christians living in fear through their project. In these turbulent times, the Church members believe that the words of Christ are exactly what the Christian community need to stay brave and strong in the face of persecution. This project by Livets Ord is set out to be carried out in a few weeks.


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