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Do Pets and Other Animals Go To Heaven? The Idea of Animal Reincarnation

Do Pets and Other Animals Go To Heaven? The Idea of Animal Reincarnation

Study says the majority of Americans believe in animal afterlife.

In Christianity, Islam and other major religions, there’s the concept of heaven or a paradise where the souls or spirits of the dead will eventually go to spend eternity. Members of these faiths believe that it is true for animals as well. But other religions like Buddhism and Hinduism have another option for the animal soul, that is, reincarnation.

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Buddhist literature mainly tackles human spirit or soul reincarnation. Most Buddhists believe the Dalai Lama of today is the reincarnation of the previous Dalai Lamas. But the most interesting concept of all is Buddha’s reincarnation (Emanation Body). Members of the faith believe the Enlightened One had three emanation bodies: in the human form or Buddha himself; in an artistic form appearing as intellectuals, artists, craftsmen, etc; and the incarnate form which includes all other living and non-living forms like animals, plants, rivers, bridges, etc.

Buddhists additionally believe that the cycle of death and rebirth is associated with the concept of karma. In fact, early Buddhists believe negative karma can reincarnate someone into a lower form of being like an animal. Hindus on the other hand widely believe in both human and animal reincarnation. Many also believe than a human or even their deities can reincarnate and take the form of an animal and vice versa.

Americans believe there is animal afterlife

In a recent and first of its own research study conducted by a team from the North Carolina State University, it proved that a large number of Americans believe that animals have their own “life after death” concept. The study aimed at determining the correlation between demographics and belief of animal afterlife suggested that animal life is also perceived as sacred like those of humans. Out of the 800 survey respondents, 59 percent agree to the concept of human afterlife and majority of which, 75 percent, also believe the same applies to animals.

Pet owners are more inclined to believe in animal afterlife at 45 percent. When it comes to gender, race, religion and location, it is the women, Native Americans, African Americans, Buddhists, and those living in the southern regions that are more inclined to believe in animal afterlife and reincarnation.

The kind of animal is an important factor in such belief. Respondents are more likely to acknowledge life after death for the conventional pets or domesticated animals like dogs, cats, cows, horses, etc, while only few agree when it comes to insects and reptiles.

Animal afterlife according to a pet psychic and medium

Though it’s quite unusual to think, there are actually pet psychics and mediums that claim that they can communicate to the spirits of dead animals. They are also firm believers of animal reincarnation and the concept of animal spirits going to heaven.

In an interview with Daily News, animal medium Brent Atwater explains that at least 1 or 2 days before, animals will know that their eventual death is nearing. And a couple of weeks before, an animal shall already display signs or premonitions like distancing itself from its owner. In the same interview, pet psychic Laura Stinchfield believes that animals have a profound understanding of the spiritual realm. She cites that animals can communicate when they are ready to die and they also have that ability to see their dead relatives from the “other side.” When animals eventually get to heaven, Stinchfield believes that they can recognize the spirit relatives of their human owners.

When pets or animals die, the two experts agree their spirits are fine. Animal spirit can either stay as a spirit in heaven or perhaps, be reincarnated. Atwater thinks that only 30 percent to 40 percent of pets are reincarnated; only those which still have missions to do on earth. Even if your pet was not reincarnated and stays in the spiritual world, they can still become your spiritual or “mind-only” pet.


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