He also said that he now realizes after conferring with his colleagues that it was wrong for him to say what he said.
Washington D.C. Council Member Trayon White Sr. apologized through social media after he received a sharp backlash for his decidedly anti-Semitic comments . White, a Democrat, made the comments in a video where he blamed the sudden unseasonal snowfall in Washington as a handiwork of Jewish financiers. His apology can now be read on Instagram and Twitter, where he stresses that he had no intention to be anti-Semitic. He also said that he now realizes after conferring with his colleagues that it was wrong for him to say what he said.

The incriminating video had referenced the Rothschilds, a Jewish family engaged in banking. The Rothschilds are a fabulously wealthy clan descended from a Jewish banker Mayer Amschel Rothschild. The founder started the family fortune in the 18th century in Frankfurt, Germany. This family is a target of anti-Semites who believe the Rothschilds, along with other influential Jewish families, secretly control the world. White, in the video, said the climate is being manipulated. He then went on to say everyone thinks D.C. is a resilient metropolis. This view is promoted by the Rothschilds who control the climate so that natural disasters can be created. He claims the family then profits from the subsequent disaster relief work.

The fierce public backlash compelled White to delete the video. Washington's Jewish community members were particularly scathing of the actions of the council member. Rabbi Daniel Zemel of Washington's Temple Micah said public officials should not engage in such anti-Semitism. White's actions diminish the plural nature of the United States. His actions only add to the oppressive atmosphere felt by many in America at present. The Rabbi added that public officials must learn that they should not belay their ignorance by saying anything which pops into their head.

White, in his apologetic social media broadcast, said he had interacted with the Jews United for Justice organization to assist him to comprehend the matter. Jews United for Justice announced it looks forward to engaging with White so that he can get a deeper comprehension of anti-Semitism.

White posted a Twitter note where he made apologies to the Jewish community and any other individual he has mistakenly offended. He said the Jewish community has always been in his side in his quest to help people.


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