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David’s Tent in Washington D.C. Aims to Pray for 14 Months without Stopping

David’s Tent in Washington D.C. Aims to Pray for 14 Months without Stopping
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David’s Tent plans to conduct a non-stop prayer service at the nation’s Capital.

A Christian ministry going by the name of David’s Tent, is holding a continuous prayer and worship service in the U.S. Capital of Washington D.C. The group claims that they will continue this prayer and worship service for a period of 14 months without pausing. As it is, the group has already been carrying out the non-stop service since September 11th, 2015. According to the group, the service will only end on Election Day, which is set for the month of November, this year.

David’s Tent in Washington D.C. Aims to Pray for 14 Months without Stopping[/tweetthis]

Ryan Montgomery, who serves as the group’s administrative director, told Christian Post that the group’s idea for non-stop prayer was inspired by the biblical character, King David, who ruled Israel. In his statement, Ryan mentioned that the group was motivated by King David’s devotion, which the Bible describes as something that occurred throughout his reign. It is believed that the king had hired over 200 singers and 4000 musicians to glorify God 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

The administrative director also mentioned that the Bible, in the book of Revelations, talks about how angels praise god day and night. He further added that if Jesus was deserving of such infinite praise, then his human followers should not wait and start right now, here on Earth.

This is not the first time that David’s Tent has conducted such a service in the capital. Montgomery said: "We first did 40 days of 24/7 worship in 2012. We followed that with 42 days in 2013, 50 days in 2014.” The current service being added to the list, it amounts to a total of 422 days of continuous prayer and worship.

The present tent, which was set-up over six months ago, has already seen several people from various backgrounds come and go. Some come to seek comfort and solace, while others just want a place to relax before they resume their other activities.

The group distributes Do-it-Yourself communion kits, free Bibles, and even earplugs for those who cannot handle the amplified sound of the hymns being sung.

According to the Tent’s founder, James Hershey, the prayer service is helping set the country’s moral compass back in place, which he believes is way off. He adds that there is no political agenda here, despite the fact that the tent is located in the heart of America’s political hotspot, very close to locations such as the Washington Monument, the White House, the Jefferson Memorial and the World War II Memorial.


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