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Dalai Lama Attacks Trump’s America

Dalai Lama Attacks Trump's America
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Argues Against Nationalism and Message of Non-Violence

The Dalai Lama, spiritual head of the Tibetan nation, speaking at the Five Fifty Forum being held in a northern Indian town, mentioned he has concerns regarding Trump-led America. He said Donald Trump’s “America First” policy goes against the values such as democracy, liberty, and freedom that America as a nation has upheld until now.

Dalai Lama Attacks Trump’s America[/tweetthis]

Dalai Lama, in his speech, continued on to say the US is becoming more nationalist. American environmental policy also came under criticism from the Tibetan spiritual head in exile. He said President Trump has not paid attention towards ecology. He also said, however, since the people of the US elected him, he will respect their choice. The Dalai Lama pointed out the importance of collaboration and nonviolence to create prosperity all around the world. The Buddhist spiritual head also said Brexit was a mistake. He mentioned the European Union (EU) should serve as a diplomatic model to all other countries.

The Dalai Lama fled Tibet after the Chinese invasion in 1959. He is presently living in India. The Chinese will not allow him into Chinese controlled Tibet. The charismatic elderly leader criticized military forces being deployed around the world. He asked countries to solve their problems through negotiation and diplomacy, and not through violence.

The Dalai Lama emphatically said terrorists cannot be Muslim or Christian as they use terror to achieve what they want. He specifically mentioned India’s rich tradition. The Tibetan spiritual leader said India has a glorious 1,000 years of non-violent tradition. This culture could bring about world peace. According to the Buddhist monk, a majority of the world’s present problems stem from people’s “own creation.” He highlighted the requirement to control the emotions. The Dalai Lama mentioned the people’s immune systems are weakened by anger and this could result in bad health.

The Buddhist spiritual head said problems all over the world could be solved via dialogue. Other than India, the Dalai Lama also praised China, saying the country has lots of potential, but they are constrained by Communism. India is at present home to about 100,000 Tibetans. A majority of them came as refugees during the 1960s.


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