Cruz Buries the Hatchet; Says Prayer Led Him to Back Trump

Ted Cruz’s prayer leads him to support Donald Trump in the presidential election.

Trump has found a new supporter in once-major critic, Ted Cruz. Cruz has now openly declared his support for the Republican nominee after a series of sharp and critical attacks on him. For those who think this new change of opinion has come due to political pressures, it may come as a surprise that the real reason is far from this. Cruz credits it to long periods of prayer and reflection.

Cruz, who had even called Trump a “pathological liar,” declared his support for Trump on Friday. After having been criticized heavily for his disapproval of Trump, Cruz has now regained his popularity among other Republicans. Cruz revealed that his decision is not influenced by political pressure. Instead, he says that his decision comes after “months of prayer,” discussion with his family members, and personal reflections.

The Texas Senator often engaged in bitter battles against the Republican nominee, which put him at odds with other members of the party as well as Trump supporters. Especially notable are his comments that describe Trump as someone who just cannot be trusted. He had urged people not to believe in Trump's promises saying that he would go against his own words and betray the trust of his supporters.

Trump on the other hand took matters to a personal level with the senator when he called him “Lyin’ Ted.” The Senator was also irked about Trump passing “insulting” comments on his wife Heidi. Besides, Trump had reportedly brought up Cruz's father's Cuban roots and linked it with the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Now, Cruz says that he has forgiven Trump for those remarks, as have his wife and father. He added that issues like those should not affect the bigger picture, and are best left behind. Cruz says that he will keep the promises he had made long time ago to support the candidate. Besides, he says that he is completely against the idea of Clinton winning the elections, and as such, cannot afford to stand by and do nothing to prevent her from becoming president.

Following Cruz's change of stance, Trump said that he was honored by the endorsement of who was once one of his biggest critics. However, some people still believe that this change of stance is nothing but a result of falling prey to political pressure rather than a genuine change of heart.


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