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Is A Cross Appearing on Bunny’s Head A Miracle?

Is A Cross Appearing on Bunny's Head A Miracle?
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Fluff the Bunny Has Shape of Cross That Jesus Was Crucified On

The holiday period is usually a season where the mystic radar goes off the charts and this just-concluded festive period is no different. A pet rabbit in Cornwall, United Kingdom developed a huge cross on its forehead. The owner of Fluff, the rabbit, says the cross appeared during the Christmas period.

Is A Cross Appearing on Bunny’s Head A Miracle?[/tweetthis]

Once the news broke out, the house pet was dubbed ‘Baby Jesus’ and its owner, Kate agreed with the name due to the time of the appearance of the symbol. She was alerted to its presence by her daughter Rosa who coincidentally named Fluff ‘Baby Jesus’. The family has owned the pet rabbit for less than a year and couldn’t fully explain its origins.
Many hypotheses have been developed to explain the phenomena with the second coming of Jesus as a rabbit being more prevalence.

Some experts who have looked at Fluff also hypothesize that it may be a reincarnation of St Piran. They attribute this to the fact that the cross on Fluff’s head looks like the cross of St Piran more than that of Jesus when he was crucified.

Away from the unexplainable and miracles, people have attributed the presence of this symbolic manifestation on the pet rabbit’s head to the tendency for rabbits to grow extra fur over colder seasons. The family admits to not being all that religious and concur that this is the most plausible explanation. Scientists are also behind this hypothesis as they explain that rabbits tend to shed fur as much as they grow them meaning that different color schemes and symbols may appear over a rabbit’s lifespan.

For now, the family is just enjoying taking care of their pet Fluff. Kate says she wishes the fur stays in place till Easter and she isn’t scared of religious fanatics trying anything to Fluff.


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