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Conservatives are Using the Bible to Defend Roy Moore

Roy Moore molestation
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Zeigler compared Moore’s political condition to one of Christ’s

Former chief justice of the Supreme Court, and a favorite of the U.S. religious right, Roy Moore is facing allegations of molesting a teenager[/tweetit] in the 1970s. These allegations come at a time when he is at the fray for a U.S. Senate seat. Conservative Christian supporters, however, are firmly behind him. To protect him, the far right has even invoked Biblical references like Mary and Joseph, and the birth of Jesus Christ. They point out that the then-presidential candidate Donald J. Trump had encountered similar roadblocks, but surfed over them as voters believed the candidate and not those who made the allegations. The President of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr., is one of many right wingers who are firmly behind the hopeful Alabama nominee to the Senate.

Conservatives are Using the Bible to Defend Roy Moore[/tweetthis]

Leigh Corfman is one of the many women who has made molestation allegations against Moore. In her testimony, she said that Moore approached her when she sat with her mother in the Etowah county, Alabama during the early months of 1979. They were there concerning a child custody hearing. He told her mother that there was no need for her daughter to attend such legal proceedings. Corfman was then only 14 years old.  The now Senate candidate was then an assistant district attorney. He was 32 years old.

Corfman said that Moore asked for her phone number which she subsequently gave him. A few days later, he picked her up a little further away from her Gadsden home and drove her to his own home. He then proceeded to touch her in inappropriate places. He removed his clothes during her ordeal. Corfman’s friends confirmed the incident. A few other women, all aged between 16 years and 18 years during that time also alleged that he molested them. Only with Corfman did he go beyond kissing. However, there were no instances of sexual intercourse.

Moore has predictably denied such allegations. The 70-year-old said these allegations are fully false. He said that these are desperate political attacks by Democrats. He said that the Washington Post is helping the Democrats in this matter. A few Republican senators have already expressed apprehension about his candidature. Mitch McConnell, the Majority Leader has said that Moore must cease to campaign if such allegations are true. Sean Hannity, the conservative radio host, invoked the Ten Commandments to support him. He alleged that the women are lying. Jim Zeigler, the Alabama State Auditor, used Christ's biblical birth to defend Moore, saying that Mary had Jesus when she was a teenager. Joseph was a much older man.


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