Claims That True Christians Cannot Support Trump

Paul Bayes, a senior Church of England bishop has called out conservative evangelical Christians in the US who blindly show support for Donald Trump. Bayes, who has been the bishop of Liverpool has asked every American Christian to consider whether their support for the US president is justifiable as part of their Christian beliefs.

The bishop criticized the “so-called evangelical leaders” for their “uncritical support,” saying that they have colluded with an unfair system. They follow unquestioningly the things that Donald Trump and the people who work with and by him say regardless of it contradicting the teachings of the Gospel. He said that if people want to back rightwing populism they have the freedom to do so, but the question lies in whether they can relate it to their Christian faith.

Rev. Bayes said in an interview with the Guardian that some of the words spoken by religious leaders seem to collude with a system that continues to marginalize the poor, a system that builds walls instead of bridges, one that excludes people on the margins of society and does not welcome people into the country. He stresses that the people doing these things should justify their deeds because he does not believe they are justifiable.

Bayes disregarded those that call themselves evangelical but take position beside Trump. He, however, stressed that not all evangelicals were Trump supporters, saying that there are many Christians who are still proclaiming the Gospel as it was received, even if it means challenging political leaders.

Bishop Bayes made these remarks just days after the Arch Bishop of Canterbury denounced “the deceitfulness of populists” during his Christmas sermon. Some interpreted his comments as a veiled jibe at Donald Trump. Rev. Welby told his congregation that in 2017 people have seen tyrannical leaders who have enslaved their people as well as populist leaders and corrupt leaders who have deceived and robbed the people.


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