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Congressman Scalise Declares His Survival a Miracle from God

Steve Scalise Credits Survival on Miracle
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Majority Whip Steve Scalise Survived Mass Shooting at Congressional Baseball Game

Steve Scalise, R-La, returned to Capitol Building after being treated for gunshot wounds he sustained at a baseball event in June. The House Majority Whip spoke on his experience and credited his faith with helping him get through the ordeal.

Congressman Scalise Declares His Survival a Miracle from God[/tweetthis]

In his testimony, which was also his first speech on the floor after the shooting, Scalise described that he began to pray the moment he realized he was shot and couldn’t move. He further added that his prayer resulted in a sense of calm, raising his hope that God would take care of the situation.

Scalise also stated he had prayed for specific concerns and that they were all answered. He mentioned that a lot of his prayers were challenging requests.

Scalise thanked God for delivering him, his family, for renewing his faith and also, for teaching him about the power of prayer. The Republican also went on to thank his security detail for protecting him and attending to him in a time a danger. He specifically thanked David Bailey and Crystal Griner, who serve as Police Officers at Capitol.

According to Scalise, he became aware of their quick response when he heard shots being fired back at the shooter. Scalise told the gathering that he had even prayed for both the officers to have the ability to carry out their duties.

Griner and Bailey were also injured in the shootout but, managed to apprehend the shooter, despite their injuries. Scalise called David his “hero” and thanked him for saving his life. Officer Bailey was also present for Scalise’s address.

The Whip referred to the presence of Rep. Brad Wenstrup at the event as a miracle. Wenstrup is a former military combat surgeon, who was fortunately available to apply the tourniquet on Scalise’s injury.

Scalise was one of the many Republicans present at the Annual Congressional Charity Baseball Game held this June. Unfortunately, the event was disrupted after a gunman opened fire. Scalise was one of 5 people to have been shot by the gunman.

Police officers responded to the gunman by firing shots, which eventually killed him. CNN reports stated that a total of 50 shots had been fired. However, eyewitnesses state that CNN’s estimate is much lower than the actual figure.


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