Christians Speak Out Against Trump After Children were Tear-Gassed at U.S.-Mexico Border

U.S. authorities took extreme steps to prevent migrants from crossing the nation’s border in Mexico.

On Sunday, American authorities closed entry through the U.S. – Mexico border , a port which receives large amounts of traffic. At the same time, the authorities also launched tear gas at the Central American migrants, who attempted to rush the border fence.

The migrants took several measures to gain entry into the United States, such as running at full speed through the car lanes and scaling the fences. As images of children and mothers gasping for fresh air emerged, several Christians started speaking out against the cruel measures taken by the White House.

The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials claimed the migrants threw bottles and rocks at them. To keep the situation under control, the officials fired tear gas and prevented legal foot and vehicle traffic from entering the border.

Several members of the church, including the clergy, expressed their disapproval of the border agents to launch tear gas on the migrants. People several hundred feet away from the situation were also affected by the tear gas, as the wind distributed the fumes.

Christians are using the verse Matthew 25 from the Bible to reject Trump’s treatment of the migrants.

Father James Martin released a video on Monday addressing myths about asylum seekers.

Kim Kyung-Hoon, the photographer for Reuters, captured several moments which depicted the seriousness of the situation at the border. One image showed a mother from Honduras, trying to pull two children away from the tear gas. There was another image which showed a little girl crying, after coming in contact with the tear gas.

According to San Diego Sector Border Patrol’s chief patrol agent, Rodney Scott, the officials arrested 42 migrants. Mexican authorities also stated they would deport any individual who attempts to cross the border illegally.

President Donald Trump expressed his opinions about the situation on Twitter, asking Mexican officials to move the migrants back to their respective nations.


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