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Whoopi Goldberg Surprises Harlem Nuns with $10,000 and a New Car


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Sister Act‘s Whoppi Goldberg surprises nuns working hard to help African-American children.

The order of the Franciscan Handmaids of the Most Pure Heart of Mary is a mainly African-American religious congregation consisting of Roman Catholic women. The primary mission of the order is to assist the children of the African-American community in securing a good education. It is one of the three traditionally black orders in America.

Whoopi Goldberg Surprises Harlem Nuns with $10,000 and a New Car[/tweetthis]

The nuns of the order work very hard for the betterment and development of the children of the African-American community in the United States. They were recently invited by Whoopi Goldberg to appear in the Emmy Award-winning American talk show, The View, of which she has been a moderator since 2007. Goldberg not only delighted the nuns by appearing personally on the show but also helped to secure $10,000 (donated by Retail Me Not), a brand new Toyota Sienna van, and a year's worth of gas (donated by Toyota) for the order.

The View is a talk show that has been on air on ABC since 1997. It is the 4th-longest running national daytime talk show in America. The main focus of the show is about the country's political and social issues. The View features a panel of co-hosts who discuss these issues. Whoopi Goldberg is a member of the current panel.

Whoopi Goldberg is an American actress, TV host, and comedian. She is one of the few celebrities who have won an Oscar, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, and a Tony Award. She is the second black woman in the history of the Academy Awards to win an Oscar in the acting category. She won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in the 1990 movie, Ghost.

According to Sister Gertrude Ihenacho, a nun who closely resembles Goldberg in appearance, the whole experience for them has been wonderful. They never expected Goldberg to make an appearance on the show. So, when she appeared, and that too wearing a nun’s habit, all of them were pleasantly surprised.

Sister Ihenacho said that she looked at Goldberg, and said, “she looks just like me.” Raven Symone, Goldberg's co-host, asked Sister Ihenacho what she does when people call her Whoopi. “I smile, I laugh,” replied Sister Ihenacho. She also said that the only celebrity she knows is God.

The order of the Franciscan Handmaids of Mary consists of 15 sisters. Sister Gertrude Ihenacho is the order's congregation minister, a position that she has been holding for the past 10 years. The order celebrated its 100th anniversary this year.


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