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Using Technology to Improve How You Pray

Instant Christ Screen Cap
Instant Christ
Christian faith-based Instant Christ is an app that’s bringing people together in a safe, positive digital environment.

Instant Christ is a newly designed social platform for Christians that was just launched on Android. The application aims to provide an online space for Christians to socialize with others that share the same faith.

Christian leaders are not new to the world of technology. Even the Pope uses Twitter to offer prayers and healing to the world. And in a world of increasing decisiveness, it helps to have a place where people understand their faith and spirituality. That's what Instant Christ aims to do – provide a social media platform, where like-minded Christians can meet and share their faith.

But what's wrong with using the already existing platforms like Facebook, and Google+ ? Aren't they at capacity in terms of what they can provide to their users? Well, not really, say religious leaders who think the next step is niche platforms – platforms where similar people can easily find others who relate to them.

The Android application is open to people who wish to share their faith and pray together in a digitally safe and spiritual surrounding. In fact, even people who question their faith can find the app fascinating. They can connect with others who are spiritually more confident or those who are not, and be more informed about how to make decisions about their beliefs and faith. It includes the ability for pastors to upload videos and post ads to preach messages of faith and a church finder function to help users look for local Churches. The app also works as an avenue for people who wish to ask for advice in making important decisions related to faith.

Using Technology to Change the Way we Pray with Instant Christ[/tweetthis]

The platform developers are inspired to encourage participants and fellow Christians to interact with each other, but they do have some guidelines for use of the platform:

Be non-judgmental and emotionally supportive. Understand that God is the final judge, not you.
Use the platform to impact people, and not just impress them.
Use it to enhance your connection with others and to do good in the world by responding to invitations such as helping in a soup kitchen and other volunteer activities.
Respect other people's points of view and refrain from condemning them.

More than just a social media platform for Christians, CEO and Founder Donald Cyprian wants it to be place away from all kinds of secular distractions. Given that, if users tries to break the rules set by the community, their account will be suspended and more than five suspensions may even lead to a termination of the account. 


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