The Queen Makes A Rare Statement About Her Religion

The Queen Makes A Rare Statement About Her Religion
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Celebrating her 90th birthday, Queen Elizabeth has written about her religious beliefs in a book.

Queen Elizabeth, in a rare statement of faith, said that she is extremely grateful to her nation for its prayers towards her well being. She also said that she had clearly felt God's faithfulness during her 64 year reign. These statements, along with a few others of the Queen's Christian faith and personal thought make the foreword of The Servant Queen and the King She Serves, a new book published by LICC, Bible Society and HOPE to mark her April birthday. She turns 90 this year.

The Queen Makes A Rare Statement About Her Religion[/tweetthis]

A 12-page edition of the book will also be published by Scripture Union for schools. In the book's foreword, the Queen wrote that she always was- and always will be- extremely grateful for the prayers and also to God for constant love.

The Queen Makes A Rare Statement About Her Religion
The Servant Queen and the King She Serves[/caption]The Queen mentioned the Middle East situation, and noted that terrible suffering is being experienced all over the world and on a never before seen scale. The monarch laid down one unalterable condition before she considered writing the foreword: the book must not be used to profit for commercial gain. The book was published with the intention to be gifted to others as a component of the 90th birthday celebrations of the Queen. Catherine Butcher, the co-author from HOPE said that the Queen is firm regarding her faith. She continued on to say that the monarch also affirms other faiths, but makes it abundantly clear about her Christian faith. At HOPE, the organization encourages individuals to put faith into words.

The Queen mentioned the fast pace of change-and its accompanying tragedies and triumphs, alluding to the turmoil which had gripped the Middle East. That the monarch has a firm Christian faith is known to all. She had referred to her faith in a large number of public statements- which included broadcasts done during Christmas time.

The book emphasizes the faith of the Queen and the way it had influenced her service and personal life to the nation. Butcher said that the monarch talks publicly about Jesus and she does this in a natural and relaxed manner. That she does so gives hope and encouragement to many Christians all over the country. They will be inspired from the new book and also learn to discuss Jesus naturally with colleagues, friends and relatives. This will help people to know more concerning what it means to follow Jesus.


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