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‘The Leftovers’ Season 2 Introduces New Cast Members, Location Change

By vagueonthehow from Tadcaster, York, England (The Leftovers) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By vagueonthehow from Tadcaster, York, England (The Leftovers) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
HBO’s TV show on the rapture, The Leftovers, has some changes in store for season 2, set to debut on October 4.

The second season of HBO’s The Leftovers is scheduled to air on October 4, 2015 and the makers of the series hinted several changes from its original plot.

The Leftovers is a story about how humanity is reacting to the Sudden Departure, the mysterious or apocalyptic disappearance of 2% of the world’s population. It also focuses on the plight of the Garvey family that fell apart as the head of the family Kevin Jr. tries to perform his duties as Mapleton’s chief of police while wife Laurie left to join the cult named Guilty Remnant.

Religion plays a vital role in the series. In the first season, viewers saw how a new religion, cult or movement is essentially formed and created. The formation of the Guilty Remnant cult resulted from the inability of both science and religion to explain the Departure or Rapture. In the cult’s desire to give answers to the unexplainable events, the Guilty Remnant resorted to extreme beliefs and rituals like chain smoking, swearing to vow of silence, stoning of members, and belief that human existence is essentially meaningless.

Critics of the series have also noted that science and religion found commonality in the show. That is, when both science and religion fail to understand and give answers to extraordinary phenomenon, the world essentially becomes nihilistic in nature.

Changes in Season 2

In a press tour of the series’ upcoming season, co-creators Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta revealed some of the major changes that fans will witness. There will be a revamp of actors and characters in the upcoming season, although the main characters like the Garvey family shall remain and still be on spotlight.

The story location has also changed reflecting the Garvey’s escape from Mapleton, New York to their new home Jarden, Texas. And perhaps the most striking change for Season 2 is the story or plot. If the first season is about the family’s break-up, the upcoming will show how the Garveys try to come back and become intact.

Aside from the characters, the new season will also focus on the plot. The Garveys will discover that Jarden, Texas is the only place that was not affected by the Sudden Departure or Rapture. The 9,000 residents of the town remained intact and nobody disappeared earning it the name Miracle town. But upon the family’s arrival to Jarden, someone eventually disappears. Lindelof tickled the minds of viewers saying that the disappearance may not be caused by a natural or supernatural event but by another reason or a third possibility.

The panel has also pointed the possible reemergence of the Guilty Remnant since Patti Levin was still shown in The Leftovers‘ Season 2 trailer.


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