Pope vs. Trump

The Donald Trump VS. Pope Francis Battle Explained

Pope vs. Trump
Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Donald Trump fired back at Pope Francis after he implied the presidential candidate was not Christian.

When Pope Francis is asked by a reporter on his opinion of Donald Trump, it can be fairly assumed that any response will get plenty of attention. The Pope responded by saying that any person who puts his mind to building walls, and not constructing bridges, cannot be termed a Christian. This kind of behavior is not written in the Gospel. With these sentences, the pontiff has inserted himself into the discussion surrounding the presidential race among Republicans.

The Donald Trump VS. Pope Francis Battle Explained[/tweetthis]

The remarks made by the pope were uttered during a midair news conference between Juarez to Rome. He was requested to respond to a number of comments made by the billionaire Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. The latter has described the pontiff as “pawn” of the Mexican Government. If Trump becomes president, then he has assured his audience that he will construct a wall along the United States border with Mexico. This structure will stop the undocumented immigrants from putting their foot on American soil.

Pope Francis had made the above remarks concerning Trump only three hours after the conclusion of his Mexico sojourn by presiding over the large Mass held in Ciudad Juarez, a city on the US-Mexico border. The pontiff walked to the Rio Grande edge under the watchful eyes of U.S. security personnel positioned on the other side of the border. He laid flowers at a newly constructed memorial commemorating the dead who have met their fate while trying to illegally cross the border.

Trump, on the other hand, cannot be termed a devout Christian, according to the Pope. One might be compelled to consider this claim, as the real estate billionaire has rarely asked for forgiveness. He is unable to decide whether he prefers the New Testament compared to Old Testament and has made mistakes in naming a couple of bible verses.

Donald Trump's response was typical. He paints a hypothetical picture when ISIS attacks the Vatican, then the pope would have wished that Trump would have been president. He also said that the Mexican Government has disrespected him in front of the pope as they wanted to illegally earn money from the US. Trump said that the pontiff has heard only one side of this story, he had no knowledge of crimes like drug trafficking and negative economic impacts due to such activities.


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