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The Blood Moon Strikes More Prophecies Of Armageddon

Blood Moon

Lunar eclipse 2015 as seen from Mill Valley, California via flickr

End time prophecies circulate at the sight of Sunday’s blood moon, but NASA has evidence to the contrary.

On Sunday, people around the world saw a rare sighting of the “blood moon,” which occurs in the event of a lunar eclipse and a super moon occurring together, making the moon seem red in color. As people enjoyed this rare phenomenon, which is scheduled to take place again in the year 2033, some religious leaders believe that the appearance of the blood moon marks the beginning of the apocalypse.

Different religious leaders have spoken about the various ways in which this phenomenon will be affecting the people following a certain religion.

Mormons See the Blood Moon as an End of Times

As different religious leaders speculate the meaning of the blood moon, the Mormons are of the belief that the blood moon, along with the recent series of natural disasters, and the political unrest in various parts of the world signify the ultimate end of the world. As a consequence, if not many but a small number of Mormon followers have started stocking up rations and preparing for the end of the world. Mormon leaders, looking at this rising level of fear, stepped in to assure the followers that they should not give in to the fears of apocalypse. However, storing away essential supplies in the case of a disaster is one of the fundamental teachings of the Mormons. They live by the belief that the regular history will end, marking the second coming of Jesus.

Reactions of the Latter-day Saints to the Blood Moon

Though the Latter-day Saints are not really aware of the apocalyptic prophecy of the blood moon, the leaders of this group did ask the followers to be prepared to face ups and downs that will be thrown at them, both physically and spiritually. They have also been asked not to tie too much importance to the prophecy of an impending apocalypse, but to be prepared for the other consequences that the blood moon brings with it.

Jewish Interpretation of the Blood Moon

For the Jews, every tetrad (four consecutive lunar eclipses) has always marked some stark consequences. This tetrad, which features the blood moon, is no different as it precedes the signing of the Israel-Palestine peace treaty.

The ‘Blood Moon’ Strikes Prophecies of Armageddon[/tweetthis]

The Return of the Anunnaki

Scholar Zecharia Sitchin presents compelling evidence showing “the Past is the future” in his book The End of Days: Armageddon and Prophecies of the Return that Mankind and our Planet are subject to a predetermined cyclical Celestial Time.

Some believe that Nibiru may very well be on its ecliptic orbital path returning “Those who from Heaven to Earth came,” the Anunnaki, who came to Earth over 400,000 years ago in search of gold to save their failing atmosphere.

NASA’s Take on This Rare Phenomenon

According to NASA, there is no sign of any asteroid or comet on a collision course with the earth. This quells fears of the earth’s destruction and any connection of it with the blood moon.


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