A parent in Tennessee is insisting a school’s bus lights resemble a Pentagram.

“Anyone who fears a God, if not God and Jesus Christ, should be outraged. If you can’t put a cross on there, you can’t put a pentagram on it,” she exclaimed.

The school district has not yet responded to her complaints.

It would seem her anger is rooted in the pentagram’s use in Wicca and Satanism.

What this woman seems not to know, is the pentagram is a Christian symbol: The pentagram was used in ancient times as a Christian symbol for the five senses, or of the five wounds of Christ.

Wiccan Jo Applewhite was shown a photo of the school bus and thinks the parent may be overreacting.

“We believe in God, we believe in Jesus, but we don’t call him God. Find out what it really means before you start getting riled up and all worked up about something.”

Wiccans have their own controversy surrounding the pentagram. They’re often confused with Satanists.

The pentagram has been used throughout recorded history in various religions and cultures.

According to SymbolDictionary.net: “A ‘point down’ pentacle is nothing new- nor is it necessarily Satanic when it appears as such. Historical depictions of the pentagram were as likely to be points down as point up. A distinction between one or the other was rarely made by the ancients. Even today, one must not assume a point down pentagram is Satanic, as it is just likely to be Masonic, Wiccan, or simply upside-down.”


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