Stephen King Intelligent Design

Stephen King, famous for writing horror books, believes the universe was created by intelligent design, but he is not quite sold on the idea of religion.

Although the world famous author Stephen King is a household name, what you may be unfamiliar with are his personal views on religion and intelligent design. You may be surprised to hear that he strongly believes that the structure of the universe is not a result of pure chance. While some see universal chaos and disorder, Stephen King says that this viewpoint misses the many clear signs of order, it misses “the stars in the sky and … the sunrises and sunsets.” According to Stephen King, this evidence overwhelming supports the idea of intelligent design.

Intelligent Design? Yes. Religion? Not As Much.

However, the author does not subscribe to any specific religion because they usually have an alternative agenda that attempts to remove the naturally given rights of others. Instead, he identifies more as agnostic. Additionally, while God may be watching and writing out plans, Stephen King will still use common sense to avoid danger or, in his words, wait for when the “little man turns white” before crossing the street. He currently believes that the universal structure is overwhelming evidence of intelligent design, but he also states that he has significant doubts and his opinions will likely change in the future.

If you find hints of theological themes within the many novels written by Stephen King, they are likely supportive of a higher power, considering the viewpoint he has recently voiced. His current position is that the many interconnected fundamentals of the universe prove some greater being exists that is continually helping guide and build the world around us. However, you will likely not hear any stories of him turning down medical care for the healing powers of God or voicing support for any specific organized religious group. But, although he holds these opinions today, he admits that his feelings on the matter have flipped before, and his self-proclaimed inconsistency will likely continue as his opinions evolve with time.


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