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Statue of Virgin Mary Appears to be Crying in Fresno Home


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Tears began running down the Virgin Mary statue’s face after a tragic death in the family.

A Californian family have reported a seemingly miraculous occurrence, a statue of the Virgin Mary that appears to be crying actual tears.

Statue of Virgin Mary Appears to be Crying in Fresno Home[/tweetthis]

Maria Cardenas reports that the statue has been in her possession for many years, ever since she was given it as a Mother’s Day gift, but it was only after her cousin was tragically murdered that the tears began, some 18 months ago. While the statue sometimes stops crying for weeks, or even months, at a time, it seems to always start up again eventually.

Witnesses report that the tears begin to well up in the statue’s right eye, before trickling down her cheek. While the family have not announced their address for fear that they could be overwhelmed with visitors, they are nonetheless keeping their door open to anyone who wishes to see the miraculous occurrence for themselves, and have invited many friends and acquaintances over for that very reason.

According to the camera crew from ABC30 Action News, who stopped by briefly to film the statue, its tears were rose-scented and oily, and appeared to flow continuously. The family claim to have also had several priests visit, who have all declared the statue’s tears a miracle, but Bishop Armando Ochoa of the Diocese of Fresno has denied this, saying he has only just been made aware of what is going on. Nonetheless, he has offered the family his full support on the matter, in the form of pastoral guidance over what, for now, would seem to be a miracle.


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