Argentine Pope will deliver the majority of his speeches in Spanish because he is most comfortable speaking his native language.

Pope Francis is ready to give the majority of his speeches, while sticking to native Spanish as he visits America in the coming week for a three-city tour. Only four of his speeches are likely to be in the English language.

On Tuesday, the chief spokesman of the Vatican, Federico Lombardi, said that the pontiff from Argentina will give fourteen speeches in Spanish. This will include a high-profile talk in front of the United Nations. According to Lombardi, it is easier for the Pope to talk in Spanish.

The past is proof that the pontiff has ended up making some of the most significant speeches in Spanish, particularly when he has departed from prepared comments and has spoken spontaneously.

The Pope is visiting amidst a caustic discussion in America regarding immigration as well as the extensive use of the Spanish language.

Donald Trump, the presidential candidate, from the Republican Party, who has been quite ahead in the polls, has criticized foreigners who have failed to assimilate or learn English. Trump also targeted Jeb Bush as he often makes use of Spanish on campaign trails. Trump feels that his rival needs to set an example by talking in English when in the U.S.

According to Robert Mickens, who is a known Vatican reporter, the Pope might appear being restricted in a “straight jacket” as he talks in limited English, preferring to go back to Spanish whenever possible.

On Tuesday, the Vatican reported that the Pope is doing all the homework before the visit to the U.S. and Cuba as he knows that it is quite important.

The Vatican also confirmed that it is possible that the Pope would end up meeting Fidel Castro, when he visits Havana. It is also possible that he would meet the American clerical sexual abuse victims.

The Vatican did not provide any new details regarding the subject of the Pope’s speeches. However, there is a speculation among observers that the topics of the speeches would include the American prison located in Cuba, Guantánamo Bay as well as drug and gun-related violence.

Further, the Vatican reported that Francis would not meet Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, at the UN. Lombardi said that there was no information about any meeting taking place between the Pope and Xi Jinping, Chinese president as yet.


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