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Si Robertson Says Atheists Don’t Exist During Talk of New ‘Faith of Our Fathers’ Film

Si Robertson

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Duck Dynasty star says “there’s too much documentation” for someone to really be an atheist.

Si Robertson, star of Duck Dynasty, and Kevin Downes, Faith of Our Fathers leading actor, sat down with Christian Post on Wednesday to talk about the film, which released on Fourth of July weekend. They felt it was important to release the faith-based war film over the Fourth of July to remind people of the connection between the fireworks and celebration with the Vietnam War, which is the basis for the celebration. Downes said, “Why do we celebrate Independence Day? … Men and women sacrificed for our independence. Let’s bring attention to that. The fireworks represent something [and] we need to remember that.”

Faith of Our Fathers

Developed by Pure Flix Entertainment, Faith of Our Fathers follows the tale of two new fathers reporting for Vietnam. One is of devout Christian faith while the other is a hardcore skeptic. The two became close over time, fighting alongside one another and facing death together. Robertson, a Vietnam veteran, said that the bonds they develop are stronger than anything else due to the situations they face head on together.

Robertson commented that one of the soldiers is a skeptic, “and there’s a lot of skeptics. I don’t believe there’s such a thing as an atheist. Because there’s too much documentation.” He said that the “calendars are based on Jesus Christ. Whether you believe in Him or not, every time you write down the day’s date, you’re saying He’s here.” He added that when someone is in trouble, they immediately ask for God’s help.

Robertson’s claims are primarily unfounded. The idea of the calendar was primarily pagan, though Pope Gregory XIII introduced it using years based on Jesus Christ’s birthday. The month names, and days of the week, have kept the names from their pagan-based birth, such as March, which is for the Roman God of War, Mars. Overall, the film has received a rocky reaction from many moviegoers. On MetaCritic, 5 reviews gave it a total score of 20, and the Rotten Tomatoes score is 11%. 


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