By Edgar Jiménez from Porto, Portugal (Papa rock star) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Edgar Jiménez from Porto, Portugal (Papa rock star) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Pope Francis talks about NASA’s discovery, climate change and canonization in a new interview.

Following last month's visit to the U.S., Pope Francis was interviewed by French journalist Caroline Pigozzi, and discussed climate change, the ongoing refugee crisis, the possibility of existence of alien life and more. Pigozzi, is known to have surprised the Bishop of Rome on a flight in early 2015, by presenting him a St.Therese of Lisieux carving. The latest interview with the Pope was released in French and Italian.

One of the highlights of the interview was when the Pope was asked about NASA's latest discovery, the Kepler 452b. When asked about the possibility of aliens existing on the new planet, which shares many similarities with Earth, the Pope did not take sides, and said that there was no reason for religion and science to get into a debate on the same. He said that while we should acknowledge the fact that it took divine intelligence to create the universe, we should believe what scientists have to say on the matter of alien life existence. He also mentioned that while we may have ruled out the possibility of alien life in the past, it is no different from how mankind did not know about the U.S. until its discovery. “Until America was discovered we thought it didn't exist, and instead it existed,” he admitted.

The Pope also addressed the canonization of St.Therese of Lisieux's parents, and the reasons that prompted the decision. He mentioned that the couple had dedicated their lives to faith and serving the needy, and acted as role models, making the honor well deserved.

The climate summit is set to happen in Paris, and the Pope had a message for international leaders who will be present at the event; he asked them to come up with a solid solution that contributed to the greater good, in the far future and otherwise, while acknowledging that the current scenario is making the world unsustainable and setting up our descendants for a poor quality of living.

Meanwhile, when asked about why he had not made a trip to the U.S. until recently, the Pope said that it was because all his other visits with regards to assemblies, synods and congresses in the past, had never been organized in the U.S. The Pope admitted in the interview that while he is keeping well, he is slightly worn out due to the demanding schedule.


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