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Pope Francis Will Address Crowd at D.C.’s National Mall During “Together 2016”

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Pope Francis to address crowd during the Together 2016 Event at National Mall in D.C. with video message.

Together 2016 is an event organized by Nick Hall, and his non-profit organization PULSE. It is set to take place on July 16th at the National Mall in Washington D.C. The aim of the event is to bring together people from all backgrounds for a unified day of worship and prayer, lift up Jesus and to ask Him to reset the nation. It has been confirmed that the event will feature a personal video message from Pope Francis.

Pope Francis Will Address Crowd at D.C.’s National Mall During “Together 2016″[/tweetthis]

The event is free to the public. According to Hall, they are hoping to see about one million people from all backgrounds participating in the event, standing together for Jesus. They are praying for a huge crowd to be part of this historic event. They are looking for a glimpse of heaven on earth. In a statement given to The Christian Post, Hall said that they are honored and humbled by the involvement of Holy Father in the event and that they are eager to share his message to the public. Pope Francis' decision to get involved is a testament that shows the need for the followers of Jesus Christ to unite in prayer for the nation, and for the world.


Together 2016 will also feature a line-up of more than 30 speakers, leaders from different backgrounds, artists and pastors. More than thousand churches from all across the nation have already pledged their participation in the event. To coordinate service opportunities within a 100-mile radius of Washington, D.C., PULSE is also partnering with many local organizations. Individuals, churches, and youth and college groups would be able to take advantage of these service opportunities.

For the last four years, Hall has been sharing the message of “reset” with people all over the world. The basic idea of “reset” is that you clear your past errors and move forward. The Together 2016 event will see Hall sharing that message on a much larger scale. According to Hall, this election year saw a lot of people of faith becoming negative, jaded and critical. Help cannot be found in political leaders. Now is the time to focus their attention back to where it really matters.

Nick Hall is one of the emerging national leaders in the areas of evangelism, youth movements, and prayer. PULSE impacts over 30 university campuses and more than 200,000 people, especially young people, each year, through PULSE events, conferences and festivals.


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