The encyclical is considered one of the most important forms of writing to come from a Pope.

After delivering his Laudato Si, or Encyclical, on the care of earth which focused predominantly on climate change, Pope Francis is now using his Twitter account to highlight the major points of the 184 page letter. For several hours on June 18, the Pope shared with his over 20 million Twitter followers major points which were retweeted by followers worldwide. Some of the tweets included:

In the main letter, Pope Francis raised a number of issues as regarding to the human role to climate change and environmental degradation. Among the issues he addressed was the need for an all inclusive dialogue on the effects of climate change and more action from everyone. The Pope cited the failure of past efforts attributing them to denial, indifference, powerful opposition and obstructionist attitudes as well as blind faith to technological solutions.

Another issue the encyclical addresses is the issue of pollution caused by industrial process and what the Pope calls a throwaway culture which sees the rise in consumerism and destruction. Regarding this issue, the Pope calls for a new approach; first in changing the lifestyle of consumerism which sees people consuming resources and producing waste much of it unnecessary. He also says the rate of production has to be reduced to match recycling efforts and more of renewable resources should be used.

Other issues addressed in the encyclical include the issue of quality of water available especially in the third world countries, the global inequality, the bearing of the larger burden of climate change by the poor, the loss of diversity including the destruction of forest to be replaced by monocultures, mental pollution and reduced understanding by majority of the people on the relation between the well-being of natural resources to the quality of human life. He places much blame to improper use of technological advancements and selfish economic interests without regard to fellow human beings. By taking much of these issues to Twitter, the Pope hopes to create an understanding and awareness among the believers community and inspire action.


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