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New YouTube series on the significance of religion hosted by an agnostic [Video]


Robert Smith, a British historian and agnostic, has started a YouTube series to highlight the impact of religion in history.

An agnostic man has created a new and exciting video series, in which he explores the importance of religion throughout history. For many people, this is a rather strange thing for an agnostic person to do, as by their very definition agnostic people do not have any particular faith beliefs. However, according to the man behind it all, he is attempting to overthrow mainstream media’s monopoly with his YouTube series on the history of England.

The series is called At the Edge of the World. The documentary explores philosophy, fine art, drama, music, medicine, science, and geography, but it has an emphasis on religion. It’s an interesting way for people to learn about how religion fits into the world’s history.

“Not to make any religious point, but to help viewers realize that religion in the period under review – from the fall of Rome in AD 41 0 to the death of William the Conqueror in 1087 – religion was everything. Everyone – even truly wicked people – believed in God and the Afterlife,” stated Smith.

Robert Smith is a British historian who is the Executive Chairman of the Manorial Society of Great Britain, but he has now turned his attention to the fantastically broad way that religion has affected and been affected by history. This documentary is going to eventually become a 96-part series, and Robert Smith is making it freely available on YouTube.

Despite the fact that Robert Smith identifies as an agnostic, he believes “Religion gave – and still gives – moral compass outside the State and the political class, and it seems to me that religion still retains that primary role today.” It is because Robert Smith recognizes this impact that he wants to educate those who do not have a thorough or clear understanding of why this is, or how it came to be. Each video is uploaded onto YouTube as it is created, so it will be a while before it is completely finished, but until then Robert Smith will almost certainly receive a lot of feedback from people about what they do and do not like about his video series.


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