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Jenna Kim Jones Takes the Lead in “Meet The Mormons”


Jenna Kim Jones, a New York entertainer takes center stage as host and narrator of the new movie, Meet the Mormons.

With a deep understanding and devotion to the Mormon religion, Jenna Kim Jones decided to embrace the judgment, skepticism, and any other negative opinions regarding the faith years ago. In doing so, she became involved in an entirely new and exciting world of combining religion, specifically Mormonism, with production and more socially cognizant practices that apply to modern society, even comedy.

Becoming a Celebrity

Jenna Kim Jones may be known for her role in the film Meet The Mormons that showed across the country and was viewed by millions; however, she certainly did not start with movie roles. While earning a degree from the prestigious NYU, she met a friend with ties to television production. This connection led to internships with Martha Stewart, The Daily Show, and even The Late Show with David Letterman. Afterwards, she was hired by The Daily Show with a full-time position. Jenna also became involved in stand-up comedy, and she also starred in “I’m a Mormon,” which is an online video series. The producers of Meet The Mormons were looking for this exact type of girl, with innocent, charming, and funny qualities.

The purpose of the movie is looking at the daily lives of average, everyday Mormons with a focus on their goals and the ties to the religion. Jenna hosts the film by introducing each family, and she is exceedingly happy with the result. Although she had doubts about the Church’s ability to produce the movie, the final product was clean and well-made without any overdone preaching. It attempts to connect every individual, regardless of faith, by intertwining their life goals and accomplishments of being happy, healthy, and successful. Jenna loves that it showcases Mormons as average people, and she hopes to continue this favorable perception.

Meet the Mormons has made upwards of $5.25 million and has been shown in over 300 theaters around the U.S.

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