Ariel Pearse

Ariel Pearse via video screenshot

Ariel Pearse has found a way to compete in the pageant without having to compromise her modesty.

Ariel Pearse is a finalist in the 2016 edition of Miss World New Zealand. She is from Auckland, New Zealand. She lived in both Brisbane, Australia and in New Zealand. Pearse had embarked on volunteer work for a period of 18 months as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Even though Pearse's everyday life is not dedicated to sharing the gospel, she realized that her mission had not ended after she returned to New Zealand. She found that she had a number of missionary opportunities as her competing finalists have commented about her commitment to her faith. She said that it happened as the other girls have noticed her dressing in a certain manner or talking differently and they have asked her many questions about it. She confirmed that she is fully into missionary work.

In addition to the overall theme of Miss World Pageant, aptly selected as “Beauty with a Purpose,” every contestant can select a personal platform which they can promote. The contestants have ceaselessly worked over the recent six months to create an awareness about their chosen cause.

Pearse selected modesty in both dress and attitude. Her supporters at the pageant respected her for her message of modesty. They found that her clothes, although modest, were appropriate. They pointed out that her cause takes a lot of courage to promote such causes both in word and in deed. She was prominent in a good way and her family should be proud of her.

Due to her commitment to the faith, Ariel tries to follow a dress standard which is different from other contestants. Swimsuit competition is not included in this specific pageant and she has found a number of ways to adjust her modesty standards in accordance with the other parts of the pageant. For example, she has crafted outfits which have long sleeves and not droopy in back, clothes that she would feel much comfortable wearing to a ball or to church. She said if she was forced to wear any immodest clothes, she would back out of the competition. Explaining her personal standards to other people was not easy for her, but her understanding of modest values assisted her to remain firm.

In an interview, Ariel Pearse told the interviewer that prayer is her source of strength through hard times. It has been the first of many things that sustained her in times of difficulty.


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