Val Kilmer in 2005. Photo by Georges Biard is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Val Kilmer in 2005. Photo by Georges Biard is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Val Kilmer’s family believes his religion might be killing him.

TMZ reported on Friday that Val Kilmer was rushed to the ICU at UCLA. He was bleeding from his throat and mouth, and rumors flew about a potential throat tumor. Family members were not pleased, claiming that the Batman and Top Gun star “ignored the problem and let it get worse.” One of his representatives informed TMZ that Kilmer was undergoing tests for a tumor. However, the following morning, Val Kilmer posted on his Facebook, thanking his supporters for offering prayers and good will, and stating that he has “not had a tumor, or tumor operations, or any operations.”

Val Kilmer: Religious and Political

Val Kilmer is a Los Angeles local. He has written, directed and starred in various movies and plays. Though he described the faith as “challenging,” he said, “I am a religious person… it has given me a deeper sense of responsibility as a person.” He is a Christian Scientist. Christian Science beliefs include the belief that prayer heals, rather than medical treatments or attention. Despite his claims that he doesn’t have a tumor, his family believe he is suffering from an intense case of denial. According to them, Val Kilmer has known since last summer about this condition.

He has gone through periods in which his tongue or neck swell up badly, making it difficult to speak. If they encourage him to seek treatment, he refuses. If they are persistent, he removes them from his life. His family is fairly hopeful that he will change his mind on the matter. They say that “Val would never confess to pain because it was an admission that prayer didn’t work.” However, his options are running low. Hopefully more light will be shed on the actor’s situation. He has not been seen in public recently, and a majority of his representatives refuse to make comments.


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