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Huge Live Nativity Scene Breaks a Guinness World Record

Guiness World Record Nativity

Utah YouTubers break a Guinness World Record with live nativity event.

A group of people in Provo, Utah, have decided to break a Guinness World Record by creating a live nativity scene with a huge number of people in it – 1,339 to be exact.

They wanted to create a scene which showed the majestic scope of the Nativity story. What makes the turnout even more impressive is they only started to advertise the project three weeks ago. Almost 2,000 people responded to the invitation and helped out in many different ways. Live animals were even used, such as a camel, donkey, and sheep wandering. However, what makes this Nativity even more special is that it was filmed by a group of YouTubers, and it will now appear on the YouTube website for people all around the world to see.

One of the organizers of the huge Nativity, Derral Eves, explained, “We wanted to do it simply to show the world what Christmas is all about. It is not all the presents, but it is about the true gift of Christmas – Jesus Christ.”

Derral Eves and the rest of the organizing team could not possibly have done this Nativity without the dedication of the volunteers that helped to create it. Over 50 families got involved with the sewing and creation of the costumes that were worn. As well as creating the Nativity story, the Guinness World Record also brought the community together – many young people were taught how to make the costumes and sewing techniques.

Many Christians and people of other faiths travelled across the country to be able to take part, finding out about the Nativity enterprise through social media. The Nativity video will be released on YouTube on December 13.


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