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How Christian is Donald Trump? Recent Comments Have Spectators Questioning His Faith

Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Trump seems to have difficulty convincing religious groups that he is living a true Christian life.

Certainly the most interesting and intriguing personality in the 2015 GOP Presidential Race is Donald Trump. As a Republican candidate, Trump seems to have a difficulty convincing religious groups that he is living a true Christian life. Having a solid support from the Christian community definitely increases the likelihood of winning and becoming the next President in the White House.

As a member of the Presbyterian faith, Trump considers himself as religious. But there have been several instances where the top presidential contender is caught citing phrases that are not really typical of a religious man.

Perhaps the most talked about issue is Trump’s admission that he doesn’t ask for God’s forgiveness. He compares the sacrament of communion to the casual drinking of “my little wine” and eating “my little cracker.” He has also a strong stance on discrimination and immigration which is in conflict with Christian teachings. And recently, his campaign co-chairman Sam Clovis cited his hardships in dealing with Trump’s religious life. According to Clovis, Trump “left me with questions about his moral center and his foundational beliefs… His comments reveal no foundation in Christ, which is a big deal.”

In a recent interview, Trump was yet again challenged on the aspect of his faith. Trump calls the Bible as “the greatest book of all time.” But when the interviewer asked Trump his favorite verse, the presidential candidate responded phrases that give everyone a hint on his lack of knowledge of the Christian faith: “Well, I wouldn’t want to get into it, because to me, that’s very personal. You know, when I talk about the Bible it’s very personal. So I don’t want to get into verses, I don’t want to get into.”

After the dismaying responses, another interviewer made a follow-up question and asked Trump whether he is an Old Testament guy or a New Testament guy. Trump answered “Probably equal. I think it’s just an incredible – the whole Bible is an incredible. I joke very much so, they always hold up The Art of the Deal, I say, my second favorite book of all time. But I just think the Bible is just something very special.”

These clueless answers have triggered another social media campaign that mocks Trump’s “ignorance” of the Bible. In Twitter, people have shared humorous verses which according to them are the gospels of Trump using the hashtag #TrumpBible. One funny TrumpBible verse states that “In the beginning, God made Trump Tower and the Earth.”


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