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History of Legendary Presbyterian Church to be Explored in NJ Program


On Tuesday, September 17, 2013, New Jersey’s Madison Historical Society is presenting a program discussing the history of the Presbyterian Church. The local borough president, Robert Garman, who is a historian as well, will be leading the program.

This program is being conducted, in part, because Mr. Garman stated that the town’s growth and its struggles are mirrored in the growth and struggles of the Presbyterian Church itself. Mr. Garman serves as an Elder and a Deacon at the Presbyterian Church of Madison, which he has been a member of for 36 years.

Robert Garman and Pastor William “Tex” Culton prepare to present the history of the Presbyterian Church of Madison, NJ

Madison’s Presbyterian Church is the area’s oldest religious organization. Garman has stated that the church’s congregation originally met in private homes and barns throughout Madison. He explained that they had to endure the War of Independence, economic depressions and the crisis of Civil and World Wars.

The congregation of Madison’s Presbyterian Church has worked hard to live up to the intended mission of the church, which is to provide compassion and care to anyone who needs it. As times have changed the church’s congregation has repeatedly reinvented itself.

The first historians in the town of Madison were members of its Presbyterian Church. Church members have worked hard to document how life was in the town between 1747 and 1900. These documents will be used by Mr. Garman when he presents the program on September 17th, which will be called “The Presbyterian Church of Madison, 226 years of Christian Witness.”

The Madison Historical Society has been in existence since 1922 to gather and maintain matters of historical importance to the community and residents of Madison. Historical documents owned by the society include maps, photographs and documents, which can all be found in the town’s public library so residents have easy access.

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