The Lost Gospel

Was Jesus Married with Children? This Book Claims He Was

After studying an ancient manuscript, the writers of The Lost Gospel believe they found evidence that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and the two had children.

Religions and Extraterrestrial Life

Religion and Aliens: How Extraterrestrial Life Might Affect Religious Beliefs

Astronomy professor David Weintraub’s new book explains what leaders of the world’s major religious affiliation believe about the possibilities of alien life. The question

Practical Wisdom in Management Ted Malloch

What Companies Like Chick-fil-A Can Teach Us About Religion’s Influence on Corporate Leadership

Practical Wisdom in Management  explores how practical wisdom from spiritual traditions permeates corporate cultures. The pursuit of knowledge and wisdom may be seen as bestowing

New Book Says America Is Growing More And More ‘Churchless’

The Number of Churchless Americans Has Jumped by Nearly One-Third in Just 20 Years. A new book, 'Churchless: Understanding Today's Unchurched and How to

evolution of religion

The Evolutionary Tree of Religion Map by Simon E. Davies

The origins of spiritual awareness mapped on "The Evolutionary Tree Of Religion Map." This chart outlines the origins of spiritual awareness (e.g. shamanism &

Secular 2014 Conference to Focus on the Religious Right, Secularism and Civil Rights

Secular 2014 Conference to Focus on the Religious Right, Secularism and Civil Rights

“Secularism is probably the one big issue for our century. This century is not, as many still think, marked by a religious or spiritual

Gay vs Christian, human rights, lexington, Kentucky,

Human Rights Commission: “Christian business owners should leave religion at home!”

In a controversial decision, the Lexington Kentucky Human Rights Commission has sent a clear message to Christian business owners who refuse service to LGBT

Lust Map

Kansas State Geographers Map The Bible’s ‘Seven Deadly Sins’

A team of Geographers from Kansas State University plotted the 7 deadly sins on a map of the U.S. The darker the map area

PEW Report: How Americans Feel About Religious Groups

Jews, Catholics & Evangelicals Rated Warmly, Atheists and Muslims More Coldly This piece originally appeared on Jews, Catholics and evangelical Christians are viewed

Russia Vs Ukraine Eastern Orthodox Church

How The Russia Ukraine War Is Being Fought by Churches

The Russia Ukraine conflict is being fought not only by soldiers and civilians but also by divided churches. The Russian occupation of Ukraine has