Suus Wansink is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Suus Wansink is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Institute for Creation Research is planning to build a planetarium, lecture hall, and exhibit space when they expand their headquarters in Dallas.

The Institute for Creation Research is planning to expand their headquarters in Dallas by building a museum and a planetarium to the existing facility. The museum will be including a 3D planetarium which will offer explanations as to how God created the Earth in six days, backed by scientific proof. The Chief Executive Officer of the Institute, Henry Morris III recently revealed that a “two-million-dollar gift” provided the funding necessary to go ahead with the plan. However, they will need to approach the City Plan Commission to request the development planning authorities to allow the Institute to expand with a lecture hall, a planetarium and an exhibit space. According to sources, the museum is to span 30,900 square feet.

The Institute of Creation Research is an institute for Creationist apologetics that dedicates itself in interpreting the creation narrative in the Book of Genesis as a historical event, and promotes the Bible as an accurate document which is supported by scientific proof and historical facts. Conventional science and Christianity have disagreed with each other for centuries about the creation of the universe. Conventional science states assumptions and proof to the “Big Bang Theory” while Creationist apologetics have argued how the Big Bang Theory and the Theory of Evolution have made inaccurate assumptions and how the Bible explains the origins and the history of earth. As an educational facility, the Institute of Creation Research dedicates itself to research projects that are aimed towards understanding the science of the origin of the earth and its progression throughout history.

The area where the Institute of Creation Research plans to build a museum and a planetarium is zoned for industrial research. According to the zoning consultant and engineer, John Blacker, the zone is not fit for the use of a museum. He has however said that the facility will be an “interesting building with a little park.” Due to the legal hurdles being faced, the Institute has spent months trying to claim the right to provide a master’s degree to students in creationism and has also struggled to raise funds to build the museum. Last September, Henry Morris III, the Chief Executive Officer of the institution had revealed in an issue of their magazine “Acts and Facts” that they finally had the funds that they can use to build the project


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