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CRAVE Ministries Expands with a New Program

Sunset with CRAVE Crowd

The Christians Reviving America’s ValuEs (CRAVE) have announced that they have created a new branch of their ministry that will be headed by recently promoted CRAVE Ministries Vice President Pastor Danny Van Gundy.

CRAVE is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Pace, Fla., and its founder and chairman, Pastor Don Swarthout, made the announcement on Tuesday.

The new program is called “CRAVE Crusades” and features Pastor Van Gundy traveling around the country to bring salvation to the masses. Recently, he was able to move 100 people to accept salvation in a crowd of 1,000. A visit to a women’s jail resulted in all 70 of the crowd members to respond.

Chairman Swarthout said that Van Gundy was the perfect choice to head this ministry, as he overcame a severe 5-year drug addiction, from 2001 to 2006.

“He was delivered from this when he surrendered his life completely to the Lord. Van Gundy’s progress as a Christian was unbelievable to everyone who knew about his life,” said Swarthout, who admitted that he himself had been an alcoholic for 25 years.

Van Gundy has been requested to speak one Saturday a month at the Ohio State University Hospital Center and one Saturday at the Mary Haven Detoxification Center.

Swarthout is confident that Van Gundy will be successful and inspirational to people who come to hear his story.

“Van Gundy is a tremendous addition to our team. I hope everyone will be able to hear his remarkable story of sobriety and the message of hope through Jesus Christ which he certainly brings,” Swarthout said.

Van Gundy is scheduled to speak at the Columbus Coal and Lime Co., in Columbus, Ohio on July 20.

CRAVE also announced that their syndicated radio show, “The Gospel Truth Center”, will be renamed “CRAVE Presents The Gospel Truth.” The radio show, hosted by Swarthout and his wife, Doris, is available online at CRAVE’s website and is broadcast throughout the South and Midwest.

CRAVE spends $600,000 a year writing 1.5 million letters to Christians throughout the U.S., to “educate Christians and Americans of the effort to take away their rights.” Pastor Swarthout has appeared many times on television and has written many press releases in the past few years expressing the organization’s effort to “defend the Ten Commandments, expose the ACLU, illegal immigration, and radical Islam.”

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