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Christian Canadian Bus Driver Fired After Refusing to Drive Gay Pride-Themed Bus


Calgary transit employee claims he was fired because driving a bus promoting the gay pride festival conflicted with his beliefs.

A Christian Canadian bus driver was reportedly expelled from duty when he did not agree with driving a colored bus that was promoting the gay pride city event. The driver hailed from Calgary and the Calgary Transit claims that the driver was expelled because he was making incorrect statements in front of the media, not because he refused driving the bus.

According to Jesse Rau, driving a bus decorated for gay pride is in conflict with his Christian religious beliefs. On Friday, he reported that he was expelled from his driving job.

Rau told the media that he was 100 percent sure that this would happen. He was on this job for almost a year, which was when his probationary period would come to an end. Rau said that it was hurtful getting fired, but he knew it was going to happen.

However, Calgary city officials kept emphasizing in the termination letter that Jesse Rau was getting expelled because he breached the media relations laws of the city, and his religious belief had nothing to do with it.

For clarity, everyone is entitled to their religious beliefs. They are also free to express them. But Rau crossed the line and made misleading and false statements during different media interactions. This led to unnecessary controversy, putting the city’s reputation at stake.

According to the termination letter, Rau is not suitable for employment. The city set Rau’s status as “do not hire.”

According to Rau, he was informed that any driver might be asked to drive the rainbow colored bus. On the other hand, the city claims that they particularly informed Rau that he would not be asked to take the route.

Calgary transit employee claims he was fired for refusing to drive a bus promoting gay pride.[/tweetthis]

The city authorities also claimed that Jesse put some “Nazi-related posts” on various social media. However, Rau explained that the image, which depicts a Nazi attempting to shoot a Jew, with a kid in the background, is actually anti-Nazi.

Rau claimed that the authorities did not comprehend the photo. He further added that he feels that the West is losing out on freedom.

Jesse Rau believes that his refusal to drive the gay pride bus resulted in some changes, since the city transit authorities have now decided to ask all drivers before assigning them to take the route. The bus driver believes that this is awesome and it is “how it should have been in the first place.”


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