Bill Nye Willing to go to Hell

After debating creationist Ken Ham, Bill Nye campaigned for evolution, even at the cost of his place in heaven. Christians have responded and pray for him.

You may know him as “The Science Guy,” but Bill Nye is much more than just the old children’s show star. This year, he has specifically made it clear he is also an advocate for spreading the word of evolution. Ken Ham and Bill Nye debated on creationism and evolution, and it was widely popular and viewed by millions. Then, he took another step by posting in an opinion column of a magazine, stating the views of Ken Ham are bad for humankind. He was recently featured in another magazine, Popular Science, where he discussed the problems with creationism and his plan to rescue America from it. He began his argument by admitting he “may even go to hell” for his stance.

Bill Nye May Not Fear Hell, But Christians Do For Him

Bill Nye refuses to accept that the Earth is only 6000 years old because the “facts just don’t reconcile,” and he is willing to go to hell for that. Jennifer LeClaire of Charisma News believes that Nye does not understand the reality of hell, and should do more to avoid it. “Hell is conscious torment, a place characterized by weeping and gnashing of teeth,” she warns. LeClaire also recognizes that everyone has sinned, so it does not matter if he thinks the earth is billions of years old. Therefore, she pleas with Bill Nye to “please reconsider your views about hell and the Christ who can save you from this tormenting eternity” with the hope that his soul may be saved.

Answers in Genesis Responds to Bill Nye

Answers in Genesis is a group founded by Ken Ham, who also serves as president. Representative Troy Lacey has scolded Popular Science for presenting only Bill Nye’s side of the debate. Lacey goes so far as to re-label the educational magazine as “Popular Spin.” He feels Popular Science has “opted to attack Christianity and promote the humanist religion with none other than Bill Nye!” In his second article Lacey argues against Nye’s belief that creationism is bad for science and technological development stating, “Mr. Ham used examples of biblical creationists (such as the inventor of the MRI scanner, Dr. Raymond Damadian) being innovative in producing world-class technology.”

Bill Nye has clearly shared his very strong opinions against creationism and the negative effects that it has on society and the progression of science and technology through his debate with Ken Ham and follow-up articles in popular publications. However, creationists have responded with welcoming arms with the hope that he re-evaluates his stance on God to prevent his descension into the unending torment of hell.

UPDATE 9/16/14: A previous version of this article stated Nye’s opinions were against Christianity. Those opinions were not expressed in the Popular Science interview, and this article has been edited to show his opinions are against creationism, not Christianity. The quotes from Christians responding to Nye, however, were not altered.


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