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Anti-LGBT Sam Brownback Renominated for Religious Freedom Ambassador

Sam Brownback renominated by Trump
Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Brownback is known for his fierce anti-LGBT rants

Sam Brownback, the Kansas Governor, is all set to get another shot to take part in the Trump administration.[/tweetit] Known for his intense opposition towards LGBT rights, the Republican has been again nominated by President Donald Trump for the ambassador at large for international religious freedom. Nomination for this post is not new to Brownback, as the president has nominated him for the same post in 2017 as well. This was unsuccessful as the Senate did not do anything on this issue. The Senate Democrats also refused to permit nominations to move into 2018. Brownback is one of the many re-nominations announced by the Trump administration.

Anti-LGBT Sam Brownback Renominated for Religious Freedom Ambassador[/tweetthis]

Candidates like Brownback have to be renominated as they did not get confirmed during last Senate session. The nomination was sent back to White House. Even now for Brownback, the confirmation vote continues to be uncertain. This delay in confirmation has expectedly caused an awkwardness and unease in Washington.

For Brownback, the course of events is not a pleasing affair. In 2017, he thought that he would be confirmed and began to deputize his responsibilities to Jeff Colyer, the Lieutenant Governor. The latter is a GOP from Johnson County. He has announced earlier of his intention to run for governorship during 2018. Brownback then was so confident of his chances that he announced Colyer to take the lead in the development of a budget proposal. Colyer, not much time after, announced an appointment to the cabinet.

Brownback later tried to regain control. He is planning to give the State of the State speech and has reiterated he still is the governor.

Brownback's record is extremely poor when it comes to LGBT rights. He has refused to answer a question asked by Senator Tim Kaine during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Kaine asked him whether there could be any circumstances when it would be justifiable to criminalize, imprison, or even prosecute based on the LGBT status under the umbrella of religious freedom, simply because someone asserts that they are culpable due to religious motivation. No wonder, his confirmation was opposed by Human Rights Campaign and HRC among others. He has The Kansas Governor has a record in blocking marriage equality in his state, even after the U.S. Supreme Court gave its ruling for nationwide equality.


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