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Christian Leaders Condemn Trump’s Racist Tweets Directed at Progressive Congresswomen

Christian Leaders Condemn Trump's Racist Tweets Directed at Progressive Congresswomen
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Trump’s Tweets aimed at “The Squad”

U.S. President Donald Trump made a racist attack on Progressive Democrat Congresswomen on Twitter[/tweetit] July 14. In his tweet, Trump expressed that these congresswomen happened to come from nations with little to no democratic politics in place. He went on to further say that perhaps the congresswomen should return to their countries and playing a role in improving the governments there.

Christian Leaders Condemn Trump’s Racist Tweets Directed at Progressive Congresswomen[/tweetthis]

There’s no hint of doubt who these comments were aimed at. Four newly elected congresswomen have been making a lot of positive noise with their activism and progressive policies. Referred to as “The Squad,” New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib -Michigan, Ilhan Omar -Minnesota, and Massachusetts’ Ayanna Pressley have been in the news for policies like the Green New Deal and Medicare For All. Less progressive Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have not been very happy with these freshman Congresswomen and the strides that they’ve been making.

Trump’s racial attack was uncalled for, and Christian leaders on Twitter took it upon themselves to decry this racist attack on the four women of color. They also encouraged fellow Christian leaders to react in a strong manner condemning the same.

J.D. Greear, Southern Baptist Convention president, tweeted a quote from the author Rebecca McLaughlin in response to the controversy. Activist Carlos Rodriguez appealed to Evangelicals to call out racism. He said, “People of color are watching. Jesus included. ”

Trump continued his Twitter tirade with expressing his thoughts on when these “Radical Left Congresswomen” will apologize for the ” foul language” they’ve used against the Office of the President and the people of Israel.

The young, dynamic congresswomen belonging to minority heritage have left the President fuming with their sharp and eloquent criticism against him. Ocasio-Cortez belongs to Puerto Rican ancestry, Ilhan Omar is the first black Muslim woman elected to the Congress, Pressley is African-American, and Tlaib is Palestinian.

Outgoing UK Prime Minister, Theresa May called out Trump’s words as “completely unacceptable.” Trump and May have been at odds, but this does not discount the fact that the words used by the U.S. President were unacceptable and left a bitter taste in the mouth.


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